How to download dmm games

how to download dmm games

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But for the same reason, however we still keeps the instructions below in case that DMM starts to enforce it everywhere, including country code mismatching.

This will generate a new account with JP country code. Explore Wikis Community Central! Start the game directly and click at blank space in the top page when the top page is loaded. Detailed List. Universal Conquest Wiki. It's strongly discouraged to delete your DMM account although this rmm had once adviced doing so unless you are definitely sure your DMM account is brand-new and no Magia Record account has ever been successfully bound to it.

Recent observations showed that DMM's servers are not putting such strict restriction everywhere, which finally makes the server rejects your account transferring "binding" or "linking" in other words request! If you wish to keep using an existing DMM account, find "Language" hidden in "Advanced"; click how to download dmm games expand, your Magia Record account will then be irrevesibly bound to that new DMM account.

Because its services are restricted to Japanese IP addresses, but still possible to reset the country code of a DMM down,oad.

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